Geoid d.o.o. is a private surveying company founded 1993. We provides Slovenia with well experienced geospatial specialists, land surveyors and subdivision experts who enable innovative, quality and professional land surveying, environmental, hydrographic in subsurface surveying, topographic mapping, CAD and GIS services. We are daily dealing with following projects:

  • all kinds of geospatial measurements needed at natural surface movements registration
  • geospatial measurements of horizontal and vertical movements during different construction processes
  • land cadastre and other real estate registers supported surveying and registering activities
  • surveying and data preparation together with different graphical representations for other branches, like archeology, urban planning, land planning etc.

We offer a complete (comprehensive) specter of services in practically all fields of human interests, which are somewhat regarded to Earth’s surface. In last 20 years we has become a trusted partner for many Slovenian companies.

Let us to accentuate that we took part at many important Slovenian infrastructure constructions, especially tunnel measurements, and at more than 90% of all bigger and most problematic Slovenian land-slips movements monitoring. We have wealthy international experiences.